2006 has been a crucial year for our business because we effectively started to be a part ofthe Paniere, an association which groups the most typical products of the Province of Torino, thanks to our mountain honey. We obtained this certification by attentively following the characteristic rules of this association.



Le Querce has obtained the Maestri del Gusto reward since 2006..

Against the fast and inattentive consumption and the series-food production, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, along with the Slow Food association and the Chamber Chemistry Lab, has valued 149 flavour artists, faithful to tradition and local products, with the initiative called Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia.

From the heroic viticulture of indigenous vine varieties to breweries, from cheese to certified meat industry, from gastronomy to pasta factories, from fishmongers to farms, from traditional pastry shops to creative chocolate: multiple ideas for peculiar purchases and out-of-town destinations, looking for that taste always harder and harder to find.

The 149 Maestri, who safeguard and value the wine and food excellences of our territory, are selected by the Chamber of Commerce and gathered in a volume whose goal is not only a trip to discover the real flavours of our area, but most of all an opportunity to put in contact food producers and consumers. For this reason it is not a simple list of names, but it tells the story of experience, style and personality of every single Maestro, revealing the dedication behind every gastronomy product. It is a story about people working, taking care and loving the job they are doing. In every reader a degustation curiosity for real artworks will arise.

The selection to become Maestro del Gusto is biennial. Very strict, 3 levels must be attended:the taste, judged by Slow Food association; the torinesitˆ, meaning the qualification of remindingof Turin and its traditions; the hygienical sanitary point, evaluated through the expertises of the Chamber of Commerce Chemical Lab.

The guide in the Italian /English and Italian/French versions is freely available at the Public Relations Office at the Chamber of Commerce, 24 via San Francesco da Paola, Turin. It is possible to download it on the website www.to.camcom.it/maestridelgusto as well.


Since 2012 our business has achieved the Organic Certification by the ICEA authority, for what it concerns honey production, spreadable creams, beehive products, jams and fruit juices.


Safeguard Slow food pres“diconsists of projects thought tosafeguard small high quality productions realized by traditional practices. We have 3 high mountain honey: la MelatadÕAbete (fir honeydew), Rhododendron Honey and Millefiori (a Thousand Flowers), rigorously integral and virgin, exclusively produced with nectars harvested above 1200 metres of altitude (almost 4000 ft). Fir honeydew is dark, almost black, it has a slight resin smell and it can remind burnt wood and caramelized sugar. In mouth it is less sweet compared to other nectar honey and it has malt and balsamic marks. Rhododendron and Millefiori high-mountain honey are light, fresh and really delicate. This presidio was born to value the activity of beekeepers who bring their beehives at high altitudes in the summer period. Production area: Alpine arch above 1200 metres of altitude. Seasonality: honey production at these altitudes takes place only in summer.