The organic honey vinegar is the eldest known by man, produced just from honey and water. It has a pleasantly acid taste, light, digestible, golden-colored and fragrant aspects. It is rich in enzymes and mineral salts. Excellent to dress every kind of salad (vegetables, rice, pasta, cheese), it makes meat and fish more tasty and it enriches sauces and bittersweet food with an exceptional flavor. Diluted in water and served cold it is a perfect thirst-quencher. Honey vinegar, originating from nectar, honeydew and bee enzymes, it doesn’t get through pasteurization. The first step is the alcoholic fermentation of water and honey.Then through the modification of temperature and ventilation the bacterial activity is enabled, transforming alcohol in acetic acid. In this way we obtain a product with unique characteristics in taste and flavor. The process to get honey vinegar is entirely natural and we don’t use preservatives or additives during any of the phases. In particular we do never use sulphites in the alcoholic fermentation.

Organic honey vinegar