Wild flowers organic honey 1000gr

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Organic wildflowers honey is a pure expression of the area of collection and, since it contains all the aromas and tastes of the territory in question. Our multi-flower honey is harvested on Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Sicily. It has an average sweetness and a good aromaticity. It is the most suitable as table-top honey, both as a sweetener and combined with varied maturation cheese.

Ean: 8033433631505

Weight: 1000

Expiration date: 24 – 36 months

Ingredients: Italian organic wildflowers honey

Harvest time: From May to September

Area of origin: Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Sicily

Consistency: It crystallizes a few months after the harvest

Color: Variable depending on the source, from beige to amber to dark walnut

Taste: Variable, medium sweetness, fairly aromatic

Reccomended for: Sweetening drinks, perfect to be spread on buttered toast

Country of origin: Italy

Note: ORGANIC PRODUCTS – Certified by ICEA – Supervised operator: I1865 – Monitoring organisation authorized by MIPAAF: ITBIO006